Grid Stations & Power Plant Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance Services up to 400 KV

  • Protection relays configuration, Testing & Commissioning all type of relays (Line differential, Line distance, Transformer differential, Generator, bus bar and other backup )
  • Testing & Commissioning of Outdoor Switchgears and Switchyard upto 220KV
  • Testing & Commissioning of Auto and Power Distribution Transformers (OLTC test, IR, WR, Polarization Index, Vector group, Magnetizing balance, Magnetizing current, Tan Delta SFRA, DFRA etc.,)
  • Testing of Capacitor Banks & Surge Arresters
  • Testing & Commissioning of GIS equipments up to 400KV
  • Detailed Engineering Relay Setting and Fault Level Calculations, review of control and protection schemes.
  • Testing of ACDB, DCDB, Aux Transformers, NERs, and RMUs
  • Stability Test for Bus bar and Transformers
  • Control Cable Laying, termination & Cable trench work
  • Testing of Battery and Battery chargers
  • Testing & Commissioning of Motor and generators.
  • Control & Relay Panel Refurbishment and wiring modification works.
  • Partial Discharge Solutions for Rotating Machines, Transformers, Cable & GIS
  • Measuring of Line impedance and K-Factor on overhead Lines and Power cables.
  • Remaining Life assessment study (RLA)
  • High Voltage test of 11KV, 33KV switchgears , XLPE Cables
  • Tower Earthing Measurement